Inspired by the style of the greatest, Lorenzo Taliani started in 2010 to pursue his passion for fashion photography.

Often in black and white, his portraits, nudes, and editorial work (in both menswear and womenswear) apply the principles of pure photography, using simply light and shade, Lorenzo renders visible the natural spirit of the sitter.

Inspired by

Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, Chris Colls, Lachlan Bailey.

The landscapes and the nature he explores introduce and describe the pleasure of enjoying the photograph as a variation of what is real.

As a matter of fact, the fatal attraction of aesthetics persists in order to enhance the continuous changing of reality.

His accomplishments go beyond fashion photography and reproduce his cultural and personal elements.

Black and white picture is the expression of my soul.  This is my way to look at the world. Extremely elegant and romantic.

Elegant, Natural, Empathy, Individual, Intimate.

In my opinion photography needs to tell a story. 

Communication is the key. I want to stop the time, stealing an infinite moment forever.


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