Jean Christophe Gobitta, known under the pseudonym Hash.photografy , has had a passion for artistic photography for as long as he can remember, working solely in black and white and with natural light he captures the images of women through portraits and artistic nude photographs where we see their sensuality shining through.

After discovering the work of some famous photographers he was inspired to start taking his own photos. He started with  landscapes whilst on his travels but quickly turned his attention to the female form which better suited his vision of photography. He began by taking photos of friends and family which later evolved into using models for his projects.

During the last 5 years he has dedicated himself solely to this passion and he has several ongoing projects to present his work (exhibitions, books…)


Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Robert Doisneau, Mario Testino.

He feels that black and white photography conveys unique and timeless images and by eliminating colours we place the emphasis on the composition of the photo, it’s form, texture and emotion.

He aims to convey his sensitivity, emotions, moments in life and the beauty of women through his photos.

Sensual, expressive, natural, sensitive


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