He received art education at the Ural College of Applied Arts. For a couple of years after his graduation,  work as an interior designer and  often offered to his clients to decorate their interiors with photos.

Those were mostly black-and-white fashion pictures of the 20th century.

In order to study photography, bought albums of famous artists, and in 2006 organized his first home photo studio.

He realized that this is the easiest way for he to communicate with people. Moreover, communication with the help of visual art can overcome the borders of countries, language barriers and time frames. The great masters of the 19th century are still relevant, and the images in their photos are able to impress even the modern audience.

As an artist, he has spent his entire career studying what happens at the edge of light and shadow. He consider the Czech master of studio photography František Drtikol to be his main teacher.

The nude figures in his photographs were often symbolic and expressed some of the Buddhist treatises. Drtikol was the first to translate Buddhist treatises from German into Czech. His photos still remain the reference.

Another author who influenced he is Horst P. Horst. Like with Drtikol, you can find a hint of ancient sources of inspiration in his works.

Horst was an unsurpassed master of light-and-shade too but in fashion photography. Among the young contemporary artists, he would like to single out a photographer from the Netherlands, Bastiaan Woudt. One cannot help but fascinate his respect for classical composition and attention to detail. This is an example when photos live their own life and become timeless. It seems that they were created for eternity.


František Drtikol, Bastiaan Woudt, Horst P. Horst.


Photography is the same means of communication as music, design, cinema, or architecture. With the help of photography, he wants to create some kind of message for this world. Looking for NUDE, just like the characters of his shots who are forced to balance on the border of light and shadow forever.


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