He still have a little trouble saying that he is photographer. He don’t feel completely legitimate.

Now that he is in Paris things are finally picking up speed. He take on the role a little better: «I am a photographer».

He got a taste of writing, drawing, video, and he stopped at photography (for now).

It is a very « fast art » from idea to realization it can be very short. He prefers small teams and much more focused face to face with his model.

He often process the images in black and white. Black and white brings you into a world that doesn’t exist. He likes to create in this world.

Simple, natural, true, iconic


Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, Dorothea Lange, Helmutt Newton, Sergio Leone, Charlie Chaplin.

It’s crazy how many beautiful images are created every day, even more with social media. It is overwhelming, and at times disheartening.

You have to have stamina to be a photographer in 2021, always searching, shaking, and trying to innovate!


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