He always loved to draw things and used to spend plenty of time studying fine arts on his own account. When he ended up studying law in University starts to work in a photographic supplies store . This is how he bought his first càmera.

He had got very lucky to work alongside for five years with man who used to be top of the league at that time in Russia, gaining priceless experience and knowledge.

He believes that a good shot must display sincere emotion, the essence of a person’s image , as well as the artist’s message.

Ballet and photography are both mute and loud at the same time. Each dancer has their own unique body Language.

You need to get an insight into this body language in order to express it through photography. There is a lot to focus on: posture sense, direction of movement, dance positions etc. Despite all the challenges.

Unity hasn’t shape


Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh, Tim Walker, Albert Watson, Herb Ritts, Nick Knight.

Do not like the notions of “inspiration” and “creative work”, he think they are unreliable. Love real people and real stories, they generate all sorts of ideas.

His task is to translate the knowledge and the emotions, he get in real life into the language of aesthetics and photography.


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